Handmade, Hand Braided Collars!


These collars are custom made with great care and attention to detail. Prices are very reasonable!

They are available in buckle (side release), slip and martingale styles.

New cording available for smaller dogs!


Email me at Wyterayven@gmail.com for details!



Standard Cobra

Standard Cobra

Standard Cobra in a martingale style


Standard Cobra




King Cobra


Collar made with the lighter cord that is now also available.(Due to lack of interest, small cord is no longer kept in stock. If you are interested in a collar made from the small cord, email me.)


Colors Available in the standard cord


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Collar Pricing Sheet -
Style - Standard Buckle (5/8 inch) Standard Cord   Style - Martingale (3/4 inch rings) Standard Cord   Style - Slip (3/4 inch rings) Standard Cord
Braid Styles: Standard Cobra Braid Styles: Standard Cobra Braid Styles: Standard Cobra      
Size in inches Price:       Size in inches Price:       Size in inches Price:    
6-11 $12       6-11 $14       6-11 $13    
12-17 $13       12-17 $15       12-17 $14    
18-23 $14       18-23 $16       18-23 $15    
24-29 $15       24-29 $17       24-29 $16    
30-35 $16       30-35 $18       30-35 $17    
36-41 $17       36-41 $19       36-41 $18    
42-47 $18       42-47 $20       42-47 $19    
48-53 $19       48-53 $21       48-53 $20    

Style - Standard Buckle

Standard  Cord


Style - Standard Buckle

Standard Cord

    Due to lack of interest, small cord is no longer kept in stock      
Braid Style: Zipper (discontinued)     Braid Style - King Cobra          
Size in inches Price:       10-12 $14        


      13-15 $15      
15-18 $15       16-18 $16      
19-22 $16       19-21 $17      
23-26 $17       22-24 $18              
27-30 $18       25-27 $19              
31-34 $19       28-30 $20          
32-35 $20       31-33 $21          
36-39 $21       34-36 $22          
40-43 $22       37-39 $23          
44-47 $23       40-42 $24            
48-51 $24       43-45 $25              
52-53 $25       46-48 $26              
          49-51 $27              
          52-54 $28              

Please fill out the order form below. I will send you an invoice that includes the price of the collar plus shipping and handling.

If you have any problems with the form, you may email me the answers to the questions on the form and I will send you an invoice.

Collar Order Form

Cord Style*
 Standard Cord 
Collar Style*
The Zipper Braid and the Lizard Tail are not
available in a martingale Style. Herringbone is only available in a buckle.
Braid Style*
 Standard Cobra 
 King Cobra 
Colors desired*
Please choose one or two colors you would like
this collar to be. Most colors are available.
Please tell me what breed this collar is for.
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The standard size buckle I use is 5/8 inch black plastic. I can use larger buckles if requested, and I can use a smaller 3/8 buckle depending on the braid. The standard cobra and the lizard tail braids are about 5/8 inch wide (in the standard cord). The King Cobra braid is about 1 inch wide.


The King Cobra does not come in the slip style, as it is too wide to pass through the rings.

I can use larger or smaller ringed martingale chains. Changes to the hardware of the collar will affect the price of the collar, but not by a huge amount.


How to measure your dog for a collar.

Measuring is very easy. Simply take a measuring tape (the kind used for sewing - the metal ones don't give as accurate a measurement) and wrap it around your dogs neck where you would like the collar to rest. Make sure your dog is sitting or standing for this so that you get an accurate measurement. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can take a string and wrap it around your dogs neck in the same manner. Mark the measurement with a marker and then lay the string down and measure with your yard stick, or tape measure.

In the above picture you can see that Sonny's neck measures about 20 1/2 inches. So a buckle collar for him would measure about 22 1/2 to 23

Add 1 to 2 inches, depending on whether you would like it to fit more snuggly or more loosely. You can add more if you would like it looser still, but on average 1 to 2 inches gives the collar the fit most people prefer. 


If you are choosing a martingale or slip collar, measure around the largest portion of your dogs head as well. Some dogs have very large heads, and adding two inches to the neck measurement is not sufficient to give enough room to slip the collar over the head.